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FINE & FLUFFY Type 4 Edge Control

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TPL Beauty's new edge control systems will have you saying "Bye-Bye" to unruly kinks, curls and coils and "Hey girl!" to gorgeously defined baby hairs! Whether you love your edges SUPER SLEEK or FINE & FLUFFY, TPL Beauty's edge control systems are the perfect match for you.

Each product contains globally sourced, natural ingredients that boost your hair's performance while increasing hydration, moisturization and GROWTH! Each edge control system is packed with healthy hair botanicals such as Chamomile Tea to soothe the scalp and fight dandruff; and Marshmallow Root to repair the skin barrier, thicken, moisturize and condition each hair strand.

TPL Beauty's new edge control systems are not only for the styling maintenance of your hair, but for the health, wealth and longevity of your crown. Shop all TPL Beauty hair care systems today!

How to: apply to clean, damp hair using your TPL Beauty "Edge Shaper Brush". Add product in small quantities and as needed. Shape edges to desired style and promptly apply your TPL Beauty "Super Silky Scarf" to set. Remove TPL Beauty silk scarf after 10 minutes for a firm hold or 3-5 minutes after edges appear set in place and no longer damp for a "fluffy" look. 

Specifications: 4oz product, 12 month shelf life

Non-Greasy, Firm Hold

*due to high demand, this product will ship within 2-4 weeks