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TPL Beauty

Hydra Curly U-Part Wig Unit

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A hybrid texture of coils and curls. The perfect fusion between 3 afro textures that creates one of our most versatile, "Chunky Curls" textures.

This Perfect Texture Tresses U-Part wig unit is built for comfort, glamour and security. Upgrade your beauty with Hydra Curly.

  • Length: 14",18" or 22" full stride
  • Density: roughly 250% full bodied
  • Texture: A fusion of coils and curls. Perfect match luster for Type 3 and Type 4 hair textures. Unit can be straightened for a sleek look and revert immediately back to its natural Hydra Curly Texture. 
  • How to Install: using the three combs at the top of the wig, insert each comb one by one into hair. Then insert each clip on the side of the wig unit and gently press down for snap closure. Lastly, insert the comb in the back in an upwards motion to achieve maximum security.

*This is a custom created unit. Please allow 7-10 business days to fulfill your order.