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TPL Beauty

FEMME PONY - Invisible Ponytail Extension

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Perfect Texture Pony's for a perfectly feminine look. Upgrade your ensemble in just 5 minutes with a powerful pony from Perfect Texture Tresses by TPL Beauty. Now available in Kinky Blowout (16" to 28") texture. More textures below!

  • Code Name: Femme Kink Pony
  • Length: 22" full stride
  • Who Is She: Femme Kink is a leader of women by day and a lady of leisure by night. She enters every room and commands the atmosphere. Looking anything less than stellar is not an option for her. Soft as a lily, versatile as a chameleon and cunning as a fox, the Femme Kinky Pony will redefine your God-given bone structure and remind you of EXACTLY who you are and who you are meant to be.
  • How to Install: using the two combs at the top and bottom of the ponytail, insert each comb one by one into hair starting with the top. Then pull the drawstring to your desired tightness without causing uncomfortability. Gently press down each comb to ensure security. Lastly, grab a piece of hair from the back and wrap around base of ponytail for added style or grab a TPL Beauty 100% Silk Scrunchie to accentuate your look.