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Master Your Own Face

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In TPL Essentials Classes, women are taught to enhance their natural beauty using products that boost their skin’s chemical balance and enhances their natural complexion to reveal a more polished version of themselves.

Each class is individually curated, in a 1-1 format, to meet your specific wants and achieve all your feminine needs. Learn how to show up as the best version of yourself every time:

  • Learn Complexion Perfection; how to choose the perfect foundation, concealer and powder shades for your skin tone and undertone
  • Learn Artistic Application; how to apply, blend, set and finish with each product in your beauty routine.
  • Learn Do’s and Don’ts; many of us are using too little or not enough product, several of us are using products that do not serve our skin in the ways makeup should and all of us have been guilty of having our makeup not last as long as it SHOULD! We will tackle these things and more during your session.
  • Learn Time Management; my beautiful mother has always said to me “Mommi, your time is your time. Don’t let these fools rush you” and ever since then I’ve learned to apply this to my beauty! Whether it takes you 4 hours or 40 minutes to complete your makeup routine, I will show you how to achieve the enhancement of your dreams in a proper time frame. Different looks require different time stamps and managing those time stamps beforehand will help you stay in your chronological boundaries while still giving yourself every second that you deserve.
  • each classes is 2 hours in length. Introduction, Product Demonstration, Face2Face Technique, Q&A, Closing. 

Booking a TPL Essentials session is one of the best investments a woman can make. We will begin your journey together, in our TPL judgement-free zone, and we will conquer any fears, myths and misbeliefs that have been clouding your “me time”. You deserve to know how to enhance your God-given beauty and, even more-so, you deserve to FLAUNT IT!


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